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How To Earn Points

You can earn points with every booking you make on Dinner Deals.

Once you have made the booking your points will be pending.

When the restaurant confirms you have attended your booking, your points will be available to redeem on Dinner Deals.

Terms & Conditions

Medialam Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the dining points rewards scheme or to change these terms and conditions, regulations, or benefits of participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the number of dining points accumulated by the user.

Please be aware that dining points will be added to the user's account when payment is taken for the full order. Dining Points that are not redeemed will expire one year from the date they are awarded

If Medialam Ltd. believes, in its sole discretion, that a user is abusing the Dinner Deals rewards scheme, we reserve the right to terminate the user's account

Medialam Ltd. is not responsible for awarding dining points if, for any reason, bookings are cancelled.

Medialam reserves the right to change all prizes included within the rewards scheme.

Medialam Ltd. may at any time withdraw, modify or cancel the number of dining points required for redemption.

Medialam Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any dining points awarded if we are notified that a user cancelled or no-showed a booking.

Dining Points earned from two or more different user's accounts cannot be combined and redeemed.

Only orders placed on accrue Dining Points. Unless explicitly stated, orders on affiliate sites will not earn you dining points.

Dining points earned during points promotions will be withdrawn if the booking is amended to a date outside the original eligible date rate.

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